• No Teacher Fonts

    No Teacher Fonts

    Mass Comm. juniors Reagan and Cassie are philosophically opposed to the use of "teacher fonts" in their designs.  These design gurus helped us out and designed new banners for use at our recruiting fairs.  No Comic Sans or Marker Felt fonts in their designs, Reagan and Cassie bring a clean sophisticated design aethestic to their projects.

    Sophomores in the Mass Comm. Center learn how to design layouts and ads for print and the web. Along with the principles of design, students learn how to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.  They produce marketing materials for organizations in Chesterfield County. Last year Cassie and Reagan submitted a poster design for the CCPS STEAM Fair that was used in promoting the event. They are so good and show so much promise that we still seek them out to design for us even though they are learning video in their junior year.

    And that is what the Center for Mass Communications is all about.  We provide authentic learning experiences and authentic audiences.  Reagan and Cassie's designs are not just graded and handed back to them.  Instead, the work has purpose and exposure outside of the classroom walls.  Students also have the opportunity to continue to use their skills after they've learned them.  Thinking and learning beyond the test.  This is what we're about.  

    Do you know an 8th grader who is intereted in graphic design, advertising or journalsim?  Pass this along if you do: